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for any of my fellow authors or ,anybody that gives a shit about what i do, i'm giving you a status update.
1: school has started back up so that means i can only update on the weekends, but i do have a computer class where i'm working on zain's sprites, 3 about 7 to go for now.

2: once i get zain's sprites done i'll make a few updates here detailing his changes.

3: some comics i will sadly get rid of or will leave. the danger list so far is:
a: deceased (not ready for a comic like that and my views on heaven and hell will probably make me lose friends here...if you really wanna know pm me)

b: trashing persona:return of the dark hour because i can't get anyone besides hydra to care about it

C: majority of the multi author comics i'm in i will be leaving(don't worry still gonna be here, at family business and the pokemon one)

4: me and a friend are planning a digimon comic, i'm gonna talk to him about letting 1 person join us, but i want you to be able to update at anytime we ask just incase stuff comes up, like one of us gets grouunded,or we get killed by homework and money work.

So thats that... see you at night or this weekend!

- Posted by Draven22 on September 11th, 2012, 1:21 am    -   0 comments

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