Crazy R Us
Bravery the Hedgehog: A 12-year-old girl from the future and the principal. Bravery's favorite food is chocolate cake, and she has a pony/horror obsession. She is a Mephiles fangirl, as well as the sister of Courage the Hedgehog. Bravery is a Disney freak and enjoys blowing things up, detention, and other "fun" things. Her closest friends are Zain the Fox, Tia the Shiny Flygon, and Drizzle the Hedgehog. Bravery's rival is Taro the Flygon. She controls darkness.

Courage the Hedgehog: A 10-year-old boy from the future and a student. He controls light and is Bravery's younger brother and a major clown.

Nali the Dark: A 2,000-year-old (seemingly 18) half-succubus half-demon and the Drama teacher.

Smight the Echidna: An 18-year-old echidna and the History teacher. She is a terrakinetic and quicktempered but is a nice person when she wants to be.

Dredec: A wolf-robot with a temper and a conflicted heart. He is unsure if he is good or evil. Let's say he's an anti-hero. He is a student, and not the best student at that. Has fire and electricity abilities, but prefers not to use them.